Audience-centric digital and data transformation is the profound change of business culture and organization to become strategy-driven, and fully leverage the right mix of digital and data technologies and related processes, to help accelerate the impact across their customers and their business, by putting their customers and audiences at the center of their strategy, keeping present and future shifts in mind.

digitalworks.ai is a technical consultancy and technology company that focuses on digital and data transformation for digital media publishers in support of new membership and subscription revenue streams.

Many digital companies have already realized the need to implement new membership and subscription-based revenue streams, but don’t have the background or the expertise to begin such endeavor, which requires new strategies, new tech, data, processes and organizational changes — a complete digital and data transformation.

@digitalworksai we help you implement the digital transformation behind new revenue streams such as subscriptions and paywalls, experience management, reader revenue, becoming an audience and data-centric, and related operations.